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Site Updates

2006-07-16 15:18:28

Added new George Wallace images, True Women posters, Beyond Borders dvd-rip caps and vidcaps, Foxfire posters and dvd-rip caps, Girl, Interrupted DVD caps, DVD special, DVD deleted scenes, Tomb raider DVD special caps, Tomb Raider 2 DVD caps, deleted scenes caps, book scans, Taking Lives images, posters, site featurette caps, Mr & Mrs Smith images, Alexander images, clippings, posters

2006-07-06 13:48:13

Pic update, part 1 of many: Before Good Morning America (2004); After The View; 3 sets with Brad Pitt; 3 sets with Zahara; Hundreds of pictures with Maddox from 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005; Live 8; Comic Convention 2001; Premiere Women Hollywood Luncheon; In NY shooting The Good Shepherd; At her assistant's wedding; Misc with Billy Bob; Beyond Borders press conference; Breaking Dawn prem; Beyond Borders NY prem; Beyond Borders Spain prem; Shark Tale NY prem; Alexander US afterparty; Alexander UK prem

2005-12-26 08:17:15

Added a couple hundred megs worth of videoclips from the following shows, courtesy of Penelope&Bia: Access Hollywood, Biography, E! News, ET, Extra, The Comedy Network.

2005-08-10 02:46:42

10 E!News clips, recorded and sent by Bia. 2 new music videos and replaced a few of the huge mpg and avi ones with smaller wmv files.

2005-06-10 13:56:42

Video clips: Inside The Actor's Studio. Mr&Mrs Smith premiere on E! News. 2 E!News clips about the W photoshoot. E! News clip about the latest Marie Claire. Pics: 201 from the LA and Mexican premieres of the Smiths. 40 from Mr&Mrs Smith. 30 - arriving to tape Inside the Actor's Studio in NY. 115 promoting The Smiths at Showest. 22 with Johnny Lee Miller at the Ivy, London. 22 from The Premiere Women Luncheon. 3 from the London Alexander photocall. 17 from the TR2 conference. 19 w/ Brad Pitt in Africa. 6 of AJ in Bristol Farms, Beverly Hills. 19 of Jolie taking flying lessons in August, 04. 13 more flying lessons in Feb. 2005. 12 from various ocations in Montreal, May 03. 8 in NY on April 28, 2004. 4 in NY in Nov, 2004. Scans from Us, People, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, UK Premiere, UK You, UK Reveal, UK GQ, UK Total Film, Entertainment Weekly and Lebasese "Star".

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