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Shout Box History

Megangel: Edenia - get Gia. She is just fiery. Like in "girl Interrupted" only she looks HOT.
18-02-2005 6:32:pm
Angie_87: I truly love and respect you Angelina, you`re such an amazing person!!!!
18-02-2005 4:49:pm
serafine: i have director`s cut version of taking lives. of course it`s worth to have this one with features and unseen footage!!!
18-02-2005 10:40:am
raelin: Hey all I have a problem with Angelfire.com and hope some1 can help. It`s in Daily Toil.. Hope you can take the time. Thanks
17-02-2005 9:12:pm
Edenia: Hmm, "Sky Captain" is the only Angelina Jolie movie I own -- any others people highly recommend?
17-02-2005 8:04:pm
cr1d3r: so i havent heard any new news on her relationships .. is she still bi? havent heard anything new in a long time so if u know anyhthing plz tell
17-02-2005 6:55:pm
Megangel: Posting song lyrics is really annoying. I wish people would stop wasting space. We are here because we love Angie, not to read randon lyrics.
17-02-2005 5:10:pm
InkedLady: yeah I hear ya !!! lol
17-02-2005 1:11:pm
mjoliepita: hey whats up there??
17-02-2005 12:18:pm
mjoliepita: anybody can hear my call???
17-02-2005 12:01:pm
17-02-2005 6:50:am
lildani: hey everyone im getting ready to watch Sky Captain and the world of tomarrow....
17-02-2005 12:16:am
InkedLady: would someone who has seen the director`s cut of Taking Lives please tell me what`s better or different about it than the theatrical version....I loved it !
16-02-2005 7:05:pm
Dabria_Jolie: Hey angel lovers
16-02-2005 5:01:pm
Blondie: I`ll go to bed and dream of Angie! Good night pretty heads! it`s 22:20 in Finland
16-02-2005 3:31:pm
angkorjolie: I`ll be waiting for you Here inside my heart I`m the one who wants to love you more You will see I can give you Everything you need Let me be the one to love you more
16-02-2005 2:14:pm
Blondie: Hi! I`M A NEWBIE! wan to say hi to all of you pretty heads!
16-02-2005 1:58:pm
InkedLady: coma on you people ! Click on Oscar to help Jiji !! This site is great...so well put together ! Love ya !
16-02-2005 1:40:pm
goddess2209: hey all! just want so say that wuthering jole rocks man!
16-02-2005 4:32:am
goddess2209: hey everyone!!!
16-02-2005 3:47:am
Gxleigh: hi
16-02-2005 1:53:am
Isis_8: Anyone buy the US Weekly mag? It`s got a pic of Angie having a drink with Pitt`s commercial agent. You can call me niave, but it looks like we`re being prepared for the obvious. Damn....how I`ve denied it for so long......
15-02-2005 10:37:pm
slave4angie: why the hell isn`t sky captain nominated for best visual effects?!!?!?!?!? harry potter sux ass
15-02-2005 7:09:pm
bruuslee: hiiiiiiiii
15-02-2005 5:03:pm
shrtygrl: Hey everybody!!!!!!!!
15-02-2005 3:45:pm
my_angie: hi everyone
15-02-2005 2:31:pm
acid75burn: Hello
15-02-2005 11:34:am
InkedLady: happy valentines day everybody ! get kissed....muah !!
14-02-2005 11:50:pm
angkorjolie: I must be crazy now Please say you love me, too These three words, they could change our lives forever And I promise you that we will always be together `Til the end of time I love you .
14-02-2005 3:00:pm
nervous: hi everyone...angie you so beautiful i love you so much....
14-02-2005 12:39:pm
bosbeau: People don`t need to know your life story to disagree with you. Also it`s funny to bring up Freedom of speech and then insist certain others are taking things too seriously
14-02-2005 8:54:am
artisticmyst: yo
13-02-2005 9:32:pm
Ashlee1: I heard that to.but in an interview I read a month ago..she said not yet because Maddox is still too young..
13-02-2005 4:16:pm
Alanoid: i jusy read in british elle that she had adopted gleb can anyone verify
13-02-2005 4:08:pm
kotai: Angelina wants to have one kid of every rase, ond she will teach them different religion .But how wil she do that, she will say to one teach to be muslim other kristian other to be buddha, but what if one says I want to be buddha too.
13-02-2005 2:52:pm
Ashlee1: Does anyone listen to Frou Frou...her song was on the Gardenstate movie soundtrack
13-02-2005 1:22:pm
13-02-2005 12:55:pm
Ashlee1: Nah..I just think it`s funny how it`s a angelina jolie website and certain people take it so serious when they don`t even know the person writing it, that`s what is funny.
13-02-2005 11:41:am
bosbeau: Yeah I loved the Freedom of speech cliche too Funny how selective people always are with it. On that note personally when I talk down a famous actor I expect there to be people who strongly disagree with me. Also, I believe they are entitled to say they strongly disagree exactly because of Freedom of speech. That said, Brad`s a very good actor but soooo not my type of guy....
13-02-2005 11:16:am
artlady: Why, because you said so? "Freedom of speech", girl, remember that one? You started something so face the consequences.
13-02-2005 11:06:am
Ashlee1: Alright...enough with the "brad pitt" thing...it`s been like two days now.
13-02-2005 10:25:am
CaptainMihalis: I get upset about twice a year and for the time being Brad Pitt hasn`t had anything to do with it. I wasn`t referring to the actual movies the guy is in, but to his talent since this was what you were trying to comment on. Most of his movies, being intended as sales hits, can`t be good but he usually shines. I was just trying to point out claiming he has no talent is a bit of a stretch, unless you dislike him so much you don`t want to see he`s good.
13-02-2005 2:21:am
slave4angie: u wish wilmer
12-02-2005 7:25:pm
Ashlee1: I do like Oceans 11 and 12 ...also because I am a big Julia Roberts fan.
12-02-2005 5:47:pm
angkorjolie: hola
12-02-2005 3:20:pm
Ashlee1: I`ve seen Meet joe Black...hell i`ve got his autograph...this site is great but people cant even say what they want without someone getting upset...freedom of speech..no big deal
12-02-2005 2:01:pm
Ashlee1: Captain-everyone has an oppinion..it`s a website..don`t get upset..it`s only a site..everyone has their own view..
12-02-2005 1:59:pm
CaptainMihalis: Ashlee, just because "there`s something about Brad Pitt you dislike" doesn`t mean it`s "obvious" he`s only famous for his looks which you also dislike. It`s obvious your dislike prevented you from seeing much or any of his work though. He`s got as much talent as Angelina. Jiji, watch Meet Joe Black.
12-02-2005 12:59:pm
Megangel: I didn`t know there were so many Brad-haters! 1. He is hot. Refer back to "Thelma and Louise." 2. He is just as real a person as Angelina. He wants children. He is not into the Hollywood image thing. Now leave him alone. It isn`t his fault Angie is being slammed in the press.
12-02-2005 12:54:pm
Britarchivist: http://img229.exs.cx/ img229/360/f71b6pf.jp g anyone got scans?
12-02-2005 11:48:am

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