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Wuthering Jolie :: View topic - SURVEY!!!!
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Author Message
Forum junior member
Forum junior member

Joined: Feb 02, 2005
Posts: 34
Location: Virginia, [USA]

PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 6:54 am    Post subject: SURVEY!!!! Reply with quote

ok, i kinda juss pulled this off of my xanga....

Have you...

1. Fallen for your neighbor? -Yes
2. Made out with just a friend? - Yes
3. Been rejected? - No
4. Been in love? - I believe so
5. Used someone? - Plenty of times...
6. Been used? - Yesss. its all a game.
7. Been Kissed? - yes
8. Done something you regret? - Hell yea..im already regretting taking this survey...lol

Who was the last person...
9. You Sexually Touched? Valerie lol
10. You talked to? - My homo dad Sad
11. You hugged? - My mom...damn all this family... i neeeda get out.
12. You instant messaged? Hmm, lemme think... everyones at skool now, i rele dont remember?
-whoops i deleted sum-
16. You laughed with? - maybe Marcia
17. Who broke your heart? multiple ppl
18. Who told you they loved you? noone
19. Color your hair? many diff colors...
20. Have any Birthmarks - yes, on my left arm(very faded)
21. Have any piercings? - 6, 2 lobes, 1 cartelige, & tounge
22. Have a 6 pack? - nah, and i hope i never get one..
23. Own your own house? - no
24. Own a nice car? - no car
25. Speak any languages? - learning spanish...
26. Cook your own Dinner? - occasionally...
27. Laze In The Bath Often? not rele, too busy and my bath isnt so comfy, not like the old one... Sad
28. Know your height and weight? i hope so...

Have you / Do you / Are you...
29. Stolen anything? - yes
30. Smoked? - yes
31. Taken drugs? hell yea, i like to try everything at least once
32. Obsessive? over certain ppl sometimes..
33. Compulsive? what does this mean...
34. Obsessive compulsive? no...those ppl scare me. i had a OCD stalker 1time & it was hell
35. Panic? no, im usually pretty chill abt everything.. expt school...
36. Anxiety? sometimes...
37. Depressed? at skool...
38. Control Freak? no way...if nything outof control freak...
39. Obsessed with hate? sometimes yes
40. Dream of mutilated bodies? nah, but i mite have pics of them above my bed on the ceiling.... haha

41. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Amsterdam bitches!
42. Can you do anything freakish with your body? not rele. but some ppl say i have monkey fingers
43. What feature do you find most attractive on girls? Nice smile/eyes/ass haha and i not perv... im juss bein reeeeal.
44. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president? HELL YEA! ALL THE WAY FOR OUR NEW PRES OF USA- ANGELINA JOLIE!!!!
45. Would you marry for money? yes, i actually have an evil scheme planned...but nvm
46. Have you had braces? yep...eww that was hell
47. Do you like a girl to wear lip gloss? yeah its pretty hot. I have this really yummay jessica simpson cupsake flavored lipgloss....mmmmmm
48.Do you sing in the shower? sometimes..
49. When was the last time you had a hickey? hmmmmm....idk
50. Could you live without a computer? possibly...(i know so many ppl that would literally drop dead if they couldnt get to a computer at least every 3 hours to get onto myspace lol.....)
51. Do you use AOL, MSN, Yahoo ? Aim...but im more like call me and we can chilll
52. If so, how many people are on your list? like freakin 500, but i rele dont talk to most of them...
53. If you could live in any past, where would it be? um like date-wise? prolly 1800's-pretty dresses..
54. Do you wear white socks? yeah. is this a trick question?
55. Do you wear shoes? no.
56. What is your favorite fruit? watermelon yumm
57. Do you eat wheat bread or white? i dont rele eat bread that much
58. What is your favorite place to visit? your pants
59. Fave DVD? um like girl interrupted maybe?iunno theres so many...
60. Do you kiss on the first date? possibly...
61. Are you gay? bi....leaning les tho....most guys are just dickheads
62. Do you dream in color or black and white? color..ididnt kno ppl could dream in black/white...hmm how do blind ppl dream?
63. What are you wearing right now? jeans/hoodie
64. Do you eat a lot of fruit? kinda, i wanna go on a fruit diet tho...
65. Do you have any dimples? not rele
66. Do you remember being born? woooow i RELE hope not...
67. Why do you take surveys? bc ima lameassmutherfucker whohas no life what do u think?
68. Do you drink alcohol? yeah but i prefer smokin...when u come down u dont feel like shit..
69. Did you like high school? nooooooo(haha only if im drunk or high)
70. What is the best accent? Latvian(haha rada)/british for women(not guys ehh)
71. Who do you want to kiss? u.
72. Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most? sunsets-means night is on the way
73. Do you want to live to be 100? not rele
74. Are Big Boobs important to you? not rele
75. Do you or have you played with a ouija board? yes. dont try it its bullshit and it fucks with ppls minds
76. Are you loyal? yes
77. Are you tolerant of other peoples beliefs? yes
78. When you watch movies, do you like the lights on or off? deff. off../ darkness=sexii Wink
79. Do you like your nose? no
80. Do you think you can draw well? somewhat
81. At what age did you find out that Santa Clause wasn't real? like 8...and life was never the same...
82. How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet? maybe 10... im not a real shoe fanatic...
83. Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday? if their comfy...
84. Do you write poetry? yes...its so relaxing and therapudic
85. Snore? not that i kno of...
86. Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides? sides/front
87. Do you like Cats/Dogs? theyr alright, i dont like the ticks/fleas/shedding part tho....
88. Do you lick stamps? nope, i rele havent written that many letters lately..but i lick other things lol ;P
89. Do you use an electric can opener? i want one, they make pretty noises...
90. Have you ridden in a hot air balloon? omg thatd be so tyte...

91. Like your name? its alright....
92. Were you named after anyone? yes, my moms aunt...im not rele sure why...
93. Do you wish on stars? yeah, if im sadd and i need luck...
94. Which finger is your favorite? MiDdLe & RiNg...ahh
95. When did you last cry? not long ago...
96. Do you like your handwriting? sometimes...it changes with my mood.
97. Who do you admire: Um Angie, Monica, and other various women who id look up to.
98. What is the #1 priority in your life? To be happy
99. What is your favorite meat? um tufu. jk like grilled burgers/roast beef.
100. Any bad habits? hehehe...*buzz* ...no.
101. What is your favorite animal? um monkeys?
102. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself? yeah, when im not a bitch... i wish i had a twin
103. Are you a daredevil? with all my heart im up for anything...
104. Have you ever told anyone a secret? yess, and ive learned to keep shyt to myself.

105. Have you ever stolen anything? yes
106. Do looks matter on a girl? yeah
107. Do You Swear? fuck yea
you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? of course.
Do fish have feelings? um, ive debatd this issue before...and i havent exactly come to a conclusion yet...bc ive gone fishing n shyt, but iunno.(this was when was vega...and tryed to decide whether to eat seafood or not.. ah im crazay...

108. How do you get rid of anger? write in my journal... go to sleep/cry/thro tantrums...yes theres many options...
112. Where is your second home? walmart/starbucks/valeries house
113. Do you trust others easily? nope
114. What was your favorite toy as a child? hehehe...
115. What class in school do you think is useless? religion.
116. Do you like love songs? like slow songs? sure....
117. Have you ever been on radio or television? Yea, both.... ive won so much stuff its awesome.
118. Do you have a journal? yes and i write in it at the end of the day...it makes me feel better...
119. Do you use sarcasm a lot? of course not... Razz
120. Have you ever been in another country? nope
121. What do you look for in a girl? truthfullness, crazyness, freakiness, sexiness...
122. What is your nickname(s)? Mandi, manda, Amandi... i dont DO pointless nicknames....
123. Would you bungee jump? yes
124. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? noway...eww thats weird.

25. What are you worried about right now? ah that summer wont be so tyte this year w/every1 gone...
126. Do you ever wear overalls? nooo, but i mite...someday in the future....haha
127. Do you think you are strong? somewhat
128. What's your least favorite thing in the world? taking surveys/going to school(bc of course im forced ino both of them)
129. How many wisdom teeth do you have? none...wait, thats the 1s they pull out rite?
130. What would you change about yourself? almost everything...
131. What is your star sign? Gemini
132. How vivid are your dreams? lately very vivid...
133. Bath or Shower? Shower usually, bath if i have time...
134. Gold Or Silver? silver
135. What is your best feature? ill let u decide.
136. Do you file your finger nails? sometimes
137. What sport do you play? I dont "play" it, i "do" it.. Martial Arts...Kenpo... i Love it....makes me feel like those super-karate chicks in the movies(aka: Lara Croft)...yeh
138. Do You Do Your Own Shopping? yes ima big girl
139. Can you dance? somewhat...i think i can, or at least last summer i could.
140. Would you prefer to lay or stand? ahh it all depends... come on...well maybe lay.
141. What do you wear in bed? nothing.
142. How often do you shower? nightly
143. What is your biggest Fear? i fear nothing.
144. Would you make love on a first date? iunno.. depends on so many things...
145. Would you date a single father? possibly
146. What would you do if you couldn't have children? Um adopt if i wanted kids, actually i would rather adopt than have my own kids...
147. Do you belive in life after death? um maybe but i wish there was juss an eternal peace..
148. What is your ambition? to become a sexpot agent for the fbi.
149. Do you have any crushes? yes 2 at the moment...
150. How do you drink coffee? um thru my mouth....
151. Fave Sex Position? on top...heheh
152. Do You Gel your Hair - no
153. Cologne? - AXE!!!!!!! ahhh good times good times...
154. Where do u wish you were right now? at the beach
155. Would you recommend a one night stand? possibly if its w/the rite person.
"A word of advice; don't point your fucking finger at crazy people." -Angelina as Lisa in Girl, Interrupted
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Forum veteran
Forum veteran

Joined: Jan 23, 2005
Posts: 7615
Location: Sweden

PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 7:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OMG LOL! That is to much to do right now, i have to do some work on my music paper. Not this omg thingy! Laughing
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