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Old-time optimism meets max graphics in 'Sky Captain'
Angelina Jolie news Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (opening Friday), the greatest thing to happen to the Empire State Building since a 40-foot ape named Kong clambered up its side, begins with a drop-dead amazing shot: a huge zeppelin docking atop the world's tallest edifice. The year is 1939, the streets of New York are silvery noir. Men and women sport snappy hats, and speak in snappy one-liners.

And, oh yes, while the oversized airship makes its port call at the skyscraper's observation deck, an army of giant robots is tromping down the city's avenues, overturning cars and uprooting the subway. It's quite a sight, to say the least.

The brainchild of writer, director and computer geek Kerry Conran, Sky Captain - starring...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, September 13 @ 04:57:10 (3112 reads)
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August 10, 2004, Jolie gets airbrushed..
Angelina Jolie news By Sid Billington

Poor pillow-lipped Angelina Jolie has finally discovered why Tomb Raider 2 bombed. No, not because it was rubbish, but because the advertising was all wrong. Of course, how could we be so stupid? Jolie claims the reason the sequel did so badly at the box office was because the film's posters were "unsexy". Funny that, because they still look mighty fine on our office wall.
Posted by RavenLoonatic on Sunday, September 12 @ 15:42:18 (3466 reads)
( View Comments | 8 )

August 23, 2004, Jolie's nervous flyer..
Angelina Jolie news By Sid Billington

Imagine if you were 5,000 feet in the air and suffering from a bout of turbulence, when pillow-lipped goddess, Angelina Jolie walked into the cockpit. There is a God. You can die happy etc... But one man didn't think it was a dream come true when Jolie grabbed his joystick. Well, he did, it's just that he couldn't cope. Last week Jolie was snapped taking flying lessons at Los Angeles's Santa Monica airport. Presumably so she can save a few more rain forests and things. But by all accounts, the 29-year-old actress was too beautiful for him to cope. "The poor guy was so nervous he could hardly speak. Angelina had a few lessons with him but she’s had to change because the guy was obviously su...
Posted by RavenLoonatic on Sunday, September 12 @ 15:40:34 (3312 reads)
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September 8, 2004, Great stuff Angelina..
Angelina Jolie news By Wyndham King

Miraculously-formed MegaStar fixation Angelina Jolie is ready to take to the saddle and play infamous Russian leaderene, Catherine The Great. That's in the saddle, not under it, for those of you mucky devils who think you know your equine-based urban myths. As first reported by MegaStar more than a year ago, killer-bodied earth-mum Ange has long been mooted for the bodice-ripping historical gubbins. And true to form, she's not one to slouch when it comes to doing the part justice. The moderately-attractive lady cooed: "The more I've researched her, the more I think that her story is very complicated and needs to be done correct." Quoted by Dark Horizons website, Jolie continued: "I take it serious...
Posted by RavenLoonatic on Sunday, September 12 @ 15:36:47 (2663 reads)
( View Comments | 2 ) | ( Read More )

Sptember 2, 2004 interview, a Jolie nice life...
Angelina Jolie news By Daisy Kay

Pillow-lipped beauty Angelina Jolie, is getting broody again. We're sure she was brooding a few months ago, but this time she obviously means it. The sultry stunner confessed that since she adopted her son Maddox, she's never been happier. And now she's ultra keen to adopt a whole fleet of gorgeous little ones. "I'm always in the process. I've kinda done all my paperwork in case that day comes" she says. Oh. So she's not about to fly into the rain forests and pluck one out. Not yet anyway. "Life inspires me, my son inspires me. I just want to live a very full life" she tell me. "I love making films and I'm very fortunate that I get to do them," she says. Jolie can next been seen looking sexy in an ey...
Posted by RavenLoonatic on Sunday, September 12 @ 15:32:58 (3053 reads)
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Photos from the Shark Tale premiere in Venice
Angelina Jolie news Visit the Photo Hut for some Shark Slayer premiere pictures.
Posted by Gerty on Sunday, September 12 @ 03:15:37 (1879 reads)
( View Comments | 0 )

Billy Bob Still Trying...
Angelina Jolie news Billy Bob Thornton still hasn't given up on getting ex-wife Angelina Jolie back. His lastest ploy - gifting her with expensive jewellery. He knows she is fond of snakes, so he's given her three repitilian brooches, each costing more than $115,000. Angelina likes them so much that she's keeping them - but she still isn't budging on the taking him back part.
Posted by superhuman on Saturday, September 11 @ 04:53:34 (2273 reads)
( View Comments | 1 )

Angelina in the new editon of National Geographic for Kids
Angelina Jolie news Angelina is currently in the latest edition of National Geographic for Kids.
Posted by rtms on Thursday, September 09 @ 16:37:22 (3163 reads)
( View Comments | 5 )

Angelina on Premiere magazine
Angelina Jolie news Angelina is on the cover of the October issue of Premiere magazine.
Posted by Gerty on Thursday, September 09 @ 14:40:05 (4817 reads)
( View Comments | 13 )

Forum switch announcement and instructions
Site news All site links to the messageboard have just been updated to point to the one you voted for. http://forum.wutheringjolie.com has been switched off. The address will also take you to the new phpBB board.

One of the things phpBB allows that the old board didn't is News administration. Every one of you, when posting in one of the 3 "News" forums on the board, can choose to submit their post on the site's main page (that is, here) as a news item as well. What you need to do is look for the Select news category field when you're posting a new topic. It's underneath the Subject field. You have 4 choices which are self-explanatory. Have a look when you get the chance.

As a result of the above changes, should you wan...
Posted by Jiji on Thursday, September 09 @ 06:12:11 (3113 reads)
( View Comments | 3 ) | ( Read More )

Basset and David Join Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Angelina Jolie news Angela Bassett and Keith David (The Chronicles of Riddick) have joined Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Variety says.

Bassett is playing the boss of Pitt's character, while David is boss to Angelina Jolie's character.

The action-packed film centres on a bored married couple who discover that they are enemy assassins. It is directed by Doug Liman.
Posted by Jiji on Thursday, September 09 @ 06:01:33 (2125 reads)
( View Comments | 1 )

Dragon tattoo lazored
Angelina Jolie news Here is an image (August 04) where Angelina's dragon tattoo looks like it's being removed.

Posted by Jiji on Thursday, September 09 @ 05:59:54 (4944 reads)
( View Comments | 11 )

For those who have been away: Wuthering Jolie goes Nuke
Site news Wuthering has become monstrously big, so to be able to manage it more efficiently, I converted it to a PHPNuke Portal site. I realize the design is not as cute anymore, but once you've got used to that, you'll realize the change is for the better. You have all kinds of bells and whistles to play with, so have a good look around.

I'll briefly announce the most important changes.

The benefits of registering:

By registering an account, you get to:
- view the image galleries which currently feature over 11,300 (eleven thousand three hundred) photos. It is NOT accessible to guests.
- access the (huge) downloads section where you'll find vide...
Posted by Jiji on Thursday, September 09 @ 05:51:38 (2217 reads)
( View Comments | 0 ) | ( Read More )

Jolie Interview from Dark Horizons
Angelina Jolie news Here is an inteview with AJ from Dark Horizons. She talks about Sky Captain and Love and Honor. Check it out.

Posted by rtms on Thursday, September 09 @ 00:49:15 (1769 reads)
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