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Exclusive Sky Captain clips
Angelina Jolie news Moviefone has exclusive clips from Sky Captain. Watch them here.
Posted by Jiji on Thursday, September 16 @ 06:49:41 (1859 reads)
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Angelina Jolie wants to swim with sharks
Angelina Jolie news Actress Angelina Jolie who usually performs her own stunts has revealed that she has no fear of sharks, and wouldn't even mind swimming with them once in a while.

"I've always wanted to swim with sharks. I love things like that which have a scary element," femalefirst quoted Jolie as saying.

Besides enjoying her own stunts, the 'Tomb Raider' star also likes to fly planes, and has purchased her private jet recently to fly around the world addressing humanitarian problems.
Posted by Jiji on Thursday, September 16 @ 06:48:42 (1841 reads)
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Angelina late for own premiere
Angelina Jolie news Angelina Jolie turned up late for her own premiere last night (Tuesday) in Hollywood. 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' is a new sci-fi flick and also stars Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow.

They were there on time, along with massive robots which towered above the red carpet on Hollywood Boulevard. That's why Angelina reckon's she couldn't get there on time.

"I got stuck in traffic, I think the robots have actually held us up. We were all at first thinking 'Why is there so much traffic?' and then suddenly 'Is that a robot?'."

She only has a small role - but she says it's the taking part that counts.

"I never cared how big the part is or what the, you know I just think, if you're part of a film you l...
Posted by Jiji on Wednesday, September 15 @ 16:18:33 (3087 reads)
( View Comments | 2 ) | ( Read More )

Angelina back on speaking terms with Billy Bob
Angelina Jolie news Angelina Jolie and former husband Billy Bob Thornton are back on speaking terms, the actress has revealed.

Speaking to Premiere magazine, the 28-year-old Tomb Raider star said: "Nobody actually knows, but Billy and I speak now. We began a few months ago with one of the most beautiful conversations two people could have.

"We talked about how much we said and didn't really mean."

Jolie and Thornton, 47, married in 2000 in Las Vegas after a whirlwind courtship and the couple often boasted in interviews about their sex lives and wore vials containing each other's blood.

The Oscar winning couple, who had adopted a child from Cambodia called Maddox, divorced in May 2003 with Jolie citing "irreconcilable differ...
Posted by Jiji on Wednesday, September 15 @ 16:14:21 (5510 reads)
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Site updated
Site news Added:

Caps from the Antonello Venditti music video, Arriving in Venice for Shark Tale premiere, Arriving to the Sharktale Venice photocall, Venice Shark Tale photocall, Shark Tale premiere, At the Premiere Women Hollywood luncheon, Sky Captain premiere

It will be much appreciated if whenever a mag is out, anyone scans the pictures and article and sends them to me, or posts them in the forum. I no longer have access to most North American magazines so I can't get scans without your help.
Posted by Jiji on Wednesday, September 15 @ 09:29:45 (4931 reads)
( View Comments | 8 )

Angelina Has a Sister
Angelina Jolie news "Actor John Voight has a daughter who he doesn't know about. The woman now 22 first learned of he famous bloodline at the age of 20 when her mom revealed this kept secret to her daughter. "She has not attempted to contact anyone," tells a source close to her,"however, I think she is trying to figure out a lot of things, and the right way to go about it." The 22 yr. old stunning actress has a striking resemblance to he famous half sister actress Angelina Jolie. The source adds, "it's funny because she was always told of her resemblence to both Jolie and Voight. But, I think her views and personality reflect that of the strong, caring Angelina. "
Posted by dragon04 on Wednesday, September 15 @ 03:59:11 (16715 reads)
( View Comments | 44 )

..September 13th Interview..
Angelina Jolie news In an interview with Premiere magazine, Angelina Jolie says of her son Maddox: "Everybody always said to me, 'Do you feel softer as a mother?' and I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? I didn't have anything to kill for three years ago'."
Posted by RavenLoonatic on Tuesday, September 14 @ 23:00:12 (2066 reads)
( View Comments | 1 )

Moves To Istanbul . .
Angelina Jolie news Angelina Jolie downplays Sky Captain, moves to Istanbul:

I AM Laura Croft" Angelina Jolie told reporters before boarding a plane to Istanbul Saturday. Sources say that Jolie's roles in the Tomb Raider movies have caused her to re-evaluate life, eternity itself. Multi-talented, athletic, brilliant, beautiful, just like the video game heroine Laura Croft has decided, for this moment in time at least to give up acting and pursue her "calling in life" .. raiding tombs.

"I won't really raid tombs" Jolie said. "That was just a video game. I simply want to live, experience the life of that Laura Croft character I experienced filming those movies .. explore, live, and if it comes down to ....
Posted by RavenLoonatic on Tuesday, September 14 @ 20:20:13 (4168 reads)
( View Comments | 4 ) | ( Read More )

A Private Plane . .
Angelina Jolie news Angelina Jolie buys private plane to serve humanity!

Angelina Jolie has bought her own private plane after obtaining her pilot's licence.

According to The Sun, the 'Tomb Raider' star who is also the goodwill ambassador for the United Nation's High Commission for Refugees has reportedly bought the aircraft to visit struggling Third World countries.

The actress who is an ardent worker for the cause of refugees has an adopted son Maddox and also plans to adopt another Russian baby after her visit to Chechen refugee camps.
Posted by RavenLoonatic on Tuesday, September 14 @ 20:16:39 (1928 reads)
( View Comments | 0 )

Angelina, a James Bond villain..
Angelina Jolie news Angelina Jolie dreams of being a James Bond villain

Forget wimpy and whiney James Bond girls, "Tomb Raider" star Angelina Jolie wants to take on the role of a 007 villain

While everyone awaits announcements about the 21st film in the series (scheduled for release on November 18th 2005), Jolie wants to join the ranks of Telly Savala, Donalad Pleasance, Christopher Walken and Sean Bean.

She says, "I guess maybe secretly deep down I always wanted to be a Bond villain."

Thanks to `Mathewww` for the alert.
Posted by RavenLoonatic on Monday, September 13 @ 18:07:48 (3315 reads)
( View Comments | 6 )

Birds and Bees for Angelina Jolie?
Angelina Jolie news
She's got a new movie flying into the theaters and an adorable baby boy at home. So is Angelina Jolie now ready to adopt more children? "People keep asking me that, if Madd's brother or sister is on the way," Jolie admitted.

There's no question why people are asking: Angelina's such a devoted mother that she often brought her 3-year-old adopted son, Maddox, with her on the set of her new movie, "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," in which she plays a hotshot navy flygirl who helps Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law save the world from invasion.

Angelina revealed that Maddox was a kind of secret inspiration for her c...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, September 13 @ 05:49:50 (3627 reads)
( View Comments | 2 ) | ( Read More )

Stunt trouble
Angelina Jolie news On Monday (August 30), Angelina Jolie was shooting a scene in downtown LA, which called for her to hang on a rope at the top of a 15-story building. Her stunt double had a previous commitment, so rather than wait any longer, Angelina volunteered to do it herself. Big mistake... when she was 15 stories above the street, a big gust of wind came up and blew her dress over her head: so they had to wait for the wind to die down. Before long, hundreds of people on the street were looking up her skirt. Then the photographers arrived and she wanted to flip them the bird, but she couldn’t take her hand off the rope. At the end of the day, she used that famous line, "Who do I have to sleep with to get off this picture?"
Posted by Jiji on Monday, September 13 @ 05:43:05 (3950 reads)
( View Comments | 11 )

Shark Tale bares teeth at Venice
Angelina Jolie news

The animated film Shark Tale has premiered at the Venice Film Festival in spectacular style.

Stars of the film Will Smith, Angelina Jolie and Robert De Niro hit the red carpet in historic St Mark's Square on Friday night.

An audience of 6,000 watched the film on a 100ft inflatable screen with a personal headset tuned to either English or Italian.

It was the first time such an event had been held in the Square.

It really doesn't compare to any premiere or award ceremony there has been before

Angelina Jolie

Will Smith, who voices fast-talking fish Oscar in the animated underwater tale, said: "This is one t...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, September 13 @ 05:03:39 (2805 reads)
( View Comments | 1 ) | ( Read More )

World premiere of "Shark Tale" makes a splash at V
Angelina Jolie news

BEIJING, Sept.12 (Xinhuanet) -- Will Smith, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie and Michael Imperioli were joined by 5,000 fans at the premiere of "Shark Tale" at the Venice Film Festival Friday.

The premiere was held in the city's historic Piazza San Marco, marking the first time ever that the Piazza was closed for the premiere of a major feature film, China Radio International reported Saturday.

The stars walked the red carpet where they were greeted by eager fans waiting to see the DreamWorks's new computer-animated comedy.

Opening nationwide on October 1, 2004, "Shark Tale" s...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, September 13 @ 05:01:07 (7464 reads)
( View Comments | 0 ) | ( Read More )

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