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No truth in Jolie-Pitt split: Jon Voight
Angelina Jolie news
LOS ANGELES - ANGELINA Jolie's father, actor Jon Voight, has told US media outlets that rumours of a split between the Hollywood power couple are 'nonsense'.

Despite his notoriously difficult relationship with his daughter, Voight has insisted that Jolie's relationship with Brad Pitt remains strong and there is no truth to rumours of a separation.

According to celebrity website Bang Showbiz, when Voight was asked about the break-up rumours, he replied: 'Nonsense. It's all made up stuff.'

Media outlets worldwide have reported that Pitt and Jolie - who have been together for five years and have six chi...
Posted by Jiji on Thursday, January 28 @ 15:51:12 (3634 reads)
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Angelina Jolie Tours Manhattan As Friends Deny Split Rumors
Angelina Jolie news By Nina Mandell

DNAinfo Producer/Reporter

MANHATTAN — As Angelina Jolie whirled around Manhattan to promote her new movie 'Salt', multiple sources denied rumors that she was splitting with partner Brad Pitt.

The Sunday Times in London had reported Sunday that the two signed papers paving the way for a legal separation with joint custody of their six children. But sources reportedly close to the couple denied the rumors, saying “Everything is fine,” according to People Magazine.

“It’s BS,” a source added to TMZ.com.

Recent sightings of the couple, including one reported blowout at Alto Restaurant in New York led to speculation the duo was on the rock, the Daily News reported. To add fuel to the rumor f...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, January 25 @ 18:30:23 (4220 reads)
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Pal: Angelina Yells at Brad that She "Hates" New O
Angelina Jolie news

The Big Easy is nothing but a big headache for Angelina Jolie. She and her partner, Brad Pitt, purchased a home in New Orleans in 2007 -- but an insider tells Us Weekly that an irked Jolie "calls it 'his house.'"

See adorable photos of Brad Pitt playing with his six kids

It seems that the resilient Louisiana city isn't Jolie's cup of tea, and it threatens to drive a wedge between her and Pitt, 46. "Brad loves spending time in New Orleans, but Angie doesn't," the source divulges in the new issue of Us Weekly. "They fight because ...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, January 25 @ 18:28:11 (3579 reads)
( View Comments | 1 ) | ( Read More )

Angelina Jolie For Haiti Children
Angelina Jolie news Actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie feels that the needs of the children orphaned by the Haiti earthquake are "almost incalculable". It is much more that just food, clothing and shelter.

Jolie, who supports the SOS Children's Villages, spoke about how the organisation has been raising more than 300 orphaned and cared for 4000-plus poverty-stricken kids and families in Haiti.

This was the case before the earthquake. Now the situation is all the more worse.

The organization has been working non-stop in Haiti to find shelter, food, medicine, trauma counselling and more for children and families.

"As a long time supporter of SOS, I have visited many of these unique villages personally. I can v...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, January 25 @ 18:26:48 (2880 reads)
( View Comments | 1 ) | ( Read More )

Palin, Jolie: The Washington Post’s Fave Unqualified Experts
Angelina Jolie news

The blogosphere lit up with disgust this morning – rightly so – that Sarah Palin was given the highly coveted real estate of space on the Washington Post op-ed page to air her climate change denial, complete with scary air quotes around the word science. This would be akin to the Post asking me to pen a piece on lifting heavy objects, or petting some snakes – in other words, subjects in which I am in no way qualified to comment on.

Though the outrage at the Post is well-deserved, the editors’ horrific judgement should not come as a surprise. Their pages are generally lacking women and young people, as I’ve...
Posted by Jiji on Thursday, December 10 @ 18:30:52 (3586 reads)
( View Comments | 2 ) | ( Read More )

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt rock Invictus premiere
Angelina Jolie news

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the premiere of the new Matt Damon film, Invictus, Dec. 3 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Jolie, 34, and Pitt, 45, smiled for photographers alongside son Maddox, 8, and Invictus director Clint Eastwood, 79.

Putting to rest tabloid rumors of an impending split, Angelina and Brad looked relaxed and happy as they came out to support their friends.

Eastwood had directed Angelina in the 2008 drama Changeling. Brad previously worked with Matt Damon in the Ocean's 11 franchise, while Jolie co-starred with Damon in the 2006 spy film, the Good ...
Posted by Jiji on Thursday, December 10 @ 18:28:39 (3743 reads)
( View Comments | 3 ) | ( Read More )

Jolie to buy house for sponsored children?
Angelina Jolie news Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been paying for education and food of seven children in Jordan and is now considering buying them a home.

According to staff at SOS Children's Village in Amman, Jolie, who has six kids of her own, became guardian to the three girls and four boys in 2003 and has been providing them with food and clothing ever since.

And SOS employee Aysha Shahin adds that the actress may even be investing in a home for the family to live in, reported imdb.com

"Angelina will support us by visiting again, even sponsoring a house which will pay the children's expenses. She's a sweetheart, and one of our greatest supporters," she said.

Posted by Jiji on Thursday, December 10 @ 18:26:16 (1902 reads)
( View Comments | 1 )

New book reveals why Pitt, Jolie destined to splitt
Angelina Jolie news *Monster Goss Alert*

Hollywood's most glamorous couple is headed for Splitsville, according to a blockbuster book, "Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie" (Transit), out Tuesday. Author Ian Halperin, who spoke to 900 sources to build a "true picture" of the pair, talked exclusively to The Post about his most sensational findings.

It was 2004, just weeks before shooting was to begin on the action flick "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," when Angelina Jolie happened to visit the set of the hit show "Friends."

"Brad is so excited to be working with you," Jennifer Aniston told her husband's new co-star. "I hope you guys have a really good time."

They certainly did. Less...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, November 30 @ 13:18:19 (6888 reads)
( View Comments | 6 ) | ( Read More )

Brad and Angelina are $7 million givers
Angelina Jolie news Big-name stars? Definitely.

But big givers? Of that, there is even less doubt.

Angelina Jolie, 34, and Brad Pitt, 45, gave a whopping $6.8 million to charities in 2008, the Hollywood Reporter says.

That was the amount given to various groups through the philanthropically minded couple's Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which donated about half of the $13 million it raised last year to nonprofits like Global Health, Human Rights Watch, the Armed Services YMCA, and Pitt's own Make It Right Foundation, dedicated to rebuilding New Orleans.

Another $1 million went to various causes in Cambodia, home country for their son Maddox.
Posted by Jiji on Monday, November 30 @ 13:08:49 (1873 reads)
( View Comments | 1 )

Jolie's dad says Fox doesn't come close
Angelina Jolie news

Hot Megan Fox says her brunette features and tattoos don't make her a comparison to Angelina Jolie. And Angelina Jolie's dad Jon Voight agrees.

According to Bang Showbiz, Jolie's father Voight was asked if he felt Megan Fox was as good as his daughter.

"I don't think she is, no. She's one of our finest actresses. She's gotten to that point in her career," he says of his 34-year-old actress daughter.

"Megan is just starting out, but she has a lot of potential," Voight said. But if Megan Fox is the media's "next" Angelina Jolie, who is the next Megan Fox? Click here to find out!

The two also ...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, November 30 @ 13:07:09 (5781 reads)
( View Comments | 7 ) | ( Read More )

Jolie thinks Obama "is really a socialist in disguise&q
Angelina Jolie news

Angelina Jolie isn't happy with the state of politics today … and that includes President Barack Obama.

"She hates him," a source close to the actress said in the latest issue of Us Weekly magazine. "She's into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise."

Despite her displeasure with the leader of the Democrats, the 34-year-old actress is reportedly not a Republican like her father, actor Jon Voight.

Jolie, who has been a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador since 2001, is said to think the President is all "smoke an...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, November 30 @ 13:02:49 (2895 reads)
( View Comments | 4 ) | ( Read More )

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie closer to child No.7
Angelina Jolie news

Brangelina could be back on the adoption trail after visiting orphanages in Jordan and Syria.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie confided their desire to adopt a fourth child to add to their brood.

'I'm always thinking about it. I would love to,' Jolie, 34, told Hello! magazine. 'Yeah, you never know,' added Pitt, 45. The couple shed their A-list image to play with children at an orphanage they sponsor in Jordan.

SOS Children's Village in Amman has been supported by Jolie for six years and some of its teenagers came back from university just to see her, said Aysha Shahin, a worker there.

'She was giving them advic...
Posted by Jiji on Monday, November 23 @ 11:00:36 (2751 reads)
( View Comments | 3 ) | ( Read More )

Angelina Jolie: Bigger than Bollywood
Angelina Jolie news ‘Did you read the latest Angelina Jolie gossip?’ All over India these words can be heard. From Mumbai to Delhi, from Bangalore to Pondicherry. India is the latest country to succumb to Angelina fever. Local publishers have realised that in order to sell their magazines it is essential that they have Jolie’s picture on the cover.

‘Once men dreamed of their wives and girlfriends looking like famous Bollywood actresses, now they want them to look just like Angelina’ noted Indian based social commentator and advertising consultant Swaran Aneesh. ‘Any movie that has Angelina in it is booked out. Indians have long had a fascination for Western culture and Angelina also in many ways conforms to Indian notions of femini...
Posted by Jiji on Friday, November 20 @ 10:03:17 (2534 reads)
( View Comments | 1 ) | ( Read More )

Brad Pitt Turned Down $5 Million For His Kids
Angelina Jolie news Brad Pitt reportedly turned down $5 million for a public appearance to spend time with his children.

The “Inglorious Basterds” actor failed to show up in Grand Prix Ball Abu Dhabi, which is an event he had been expected to attend, in the United Arab Emirates on October 31.

Photographers dished that the actor had joined partner Angelina Jolie and their six children trick-or-treating for Halloween in LA. A source shared that Brad is spending more time with the family and doing less of these appearances.

Posted by Jiji on Friday, November 20 @ 10:01:43 (1884 reads)
( View Comments | 1 )

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