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Angelina Jolie makes no excuses for who she is.
Angelina Jolie news

Angelina Jolie hopes to clear a path for dangerous women.
She grew up idolizing tough-guy movie stars, and is regarded in Hollywood as the industry’s top bankable action actress, but few women are given similar roles, and she hopes more will follow.
When she was coming of age, she says she was oblivious to any limitations.
“I had a really great mom who never let me know that,” Jolie said in a recent interview with USA WEEKEND Magazine. “I grew up thinking girls could do everything. I...
Posted by Gerty on Monday, December 20 @ 22:22:50 (10765 reads)
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Angelina Jolie's 'Tourist' Dilemma: Attend Globes or Not?
Angelina Jolie news

PR experts say critical pans of movie could make support for the nom potentially "embarrassing." The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. raised eyebrows this week by nominating the widely panned thriller The Tourist for best comedy and nominating stars Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in the comedy/musical acting categories. To skeptics, the choices appeared to be a particularly blatant play to line the red carpet with celebrities -- in this case, two of the world's biggest -- at the Golden Globes ceremony Jan. 16. Additionally, the movie was never marketed as a comedy; it was portrayed as a r...
Posted by Gerty on Sunday, December 19 @ 16:47:38 (9732 reads)
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Angelina Jolie Joins Fight for Cambodian AIDS Victims
Angelina Jolie news The Maddox Chivan Children's Center Provides Relief to Children Impacted by HIV

Two superstars -- one a world-famous actress and one a world-renowned scientist -- have teamed up to bring aid to vulnerable children around the world.

Oscar winner Angelina Jolie and Harvard researcher Dr. Anne Goldfeld, who co-directs the Global Health Committee, turned a chance meeting into an opportunity to help Cambodian children stricken with HIV and tuberculosis live full, healthy lives.

The two women met while flying into Cambodia in 2004, where Jolie was filming the hit "Tomb Raider" sequel and Goldfeld was returning to provide medical aid to children in need. The conversation the t...
Posted by Gerty on Sunday, December 19 @ 16:42:09 (12557 reads)
( View Comments | 6 ) | ( Read More )

Johnny Depp praises normal Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie news

Johnny Depp thinks Angelina Jolie is "normal."

The 47-year-old actor admits he had no idea what to expect when he first met the actress -- who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt -- ahead of them starring in 'The Tourist' together.

He said: "What I was most impressed with Angelina first and foremost was her normality.

"I was immediately impressed by her. Well, not that I read much in the press about myself or even anyone, but you can't help but know that she and Brad are globally hounded and tracked down.

"Also, she's a great mommy."

Johnny - who has children Lily-Rose, 11, and Jack,...
Posted by Gerty on Sunday, December 19 @ 16:36:12 (9242 reads)
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Angelina plans an exotic Christmas for her six children
Angelina Jolie news Angelina Jolie plans an exotic Christmas for her six children-

As soon as they seem settled in one place Angelina Jolie's rootless family seem to pack up and move on.And while it might be Christmas, the actress has no plans to change that. Angelina has revealed that she and partner Brad Pitt are taking their six children away for a far-flung Christmas adventure....

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1339907/Angelina-Jolie-plans-exotic-Christmas-Brad-Pitt-6-children.html#ixzz18ZlCgYt5

Posted by Gerty on Sunday, December 19 @ 16:31:56 (10277 reads)
( View Comments | 12 )

Brangelina Dressing Shiloh Boyish
Angelina Jolie news

The 3-year-old's tomboyish look has tongues wagging, and last week's cover of Life & Style magazine asking, "Why Is Angelina Turning Shiloh into a Boy?"

But one parenting expert thinks everyone should simmer down and let the child be a child.

"What Shiloh is doing now at 3 is very age-appropriate," Michelle Golland, a clinical psychologist and MomLogic.com expert, told ABCNews.com. "Kids take on different identities. And she has older brothers. In some ways, she's going to aspire to be like them."

Golland said she thinks Jolie and Pitt are taking a healthy approach to Shiloh's self-expression. "I think th...
Posted by Jiji on Wednesday, March 10 @ 09:18:56 (16979 reads)
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Angelina Jolie Leaves 'Wanted 2,' Studio Cancels Film?
Angelina Jolie news

Last year, "Wanted 2" director Timur Bekmabetov not only said Angelina Jolie's character would return for the sequel, he also explained how she could reappear despite her [SPOILER ALERT] apparent demise at the end of the first film.

However, an unconfirmed report has emerged that Jolie has turned down a chance to reprise her role as the assassin named Fox in favor of starring in another movie.

According to New York Magazine, Jolie will instead star in "Gravity", a sci-fi thriller by director Alfonso Cuarón. The report also states that because Jolie has opted to leave "Wanted 2" behind, Universal Studios h...
Posted by Jiji on Wednesday, March 10 @ 09:16:03 (12347 reads)
( View Comments | 2 ) | ( Read More )

Jon Voight gushes about reunion with estranged daughter
Angelina Jolie news

Jon Voight can't stop talking about how happy he is regarding his reunion with his estranged daughter, Angelina Jolie.

"It was just wonderful to spend time with Angelina and Brad and the children," Voight, 71, told RadarOnline.com.

The father and daughter were snapped enjoying a boat ride down the Grand Canal in Venice on Sunday, along with Pitt and their six children. The reunion came after years of estrangement that began in 2002 when Voight publicly criticized his daughter for having "serious mental problems."

Jolie retaliated by legally removing Voight from her name, as well as cutting him ...
Posted by Jiji on Wednesday, March 10 @ 09:14:39 (13075 reads)
( View Comments | 3 ) | ( Read More )

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Argue About Announcing Split
Angelina Jolie news Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are reportedly arguing over when to confirm their rumored split. Sources say the Jolie believes Pitt leaked news of trouble in their relationship and is “furious” he may announce their split without her consent.

“She’s furious that news has been leaked and thinks Brad’s camp has something to do with it because he wants out now. Angelina would prefer to split in nine months’ time so that it can be a proper orchestrated PR break,” claims a source.

Neither Jolie nor Pitt has commented. Jolie’s father, actor Jon Voight, recently branded the break up rumors “nonsense.”
Posted by Jiji on Friday, February 05 @ 09:32:42 (12456 reads)
( View Comments | 10 )

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to skip Golden Globes
Angelina Jolie news

It is with great sadness that we bring you the following news from E!'s Cristina Gibison: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not going to the Golden Globes. They won't be on the red carpet.

Who's the source on this? Angie's stylist, Jen Rade, who told E!: "They're not going because he's not nominated individually," she said. "Inglourious Basterds is, but not him."

Brad's manager confirmed this morning that he won't attend.
Posted by Jiji on Friday, February 05 @ 09:31:53 (6945 reads)
( View Comments | 1 )

Jolie kids can't touch inheritance until they are 25
Angelina Jolie news

Angelina Jolie's children won't be able to touch the money left to them by their late grandmother, Marcheline Bertrand, until they turn 25.

French actress Bertrand left a large portion of her estate to Jolie's kids Maddox, 8, Zahara, 4, and Shiloh, 3 -- the three grandchildren she met before she lost her battle with ovarian cancer in January 2007.

They were each left $100,000, but according to papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, the money has been placed in trust funds and the kids will only gain access to their inheritance on their 25th birthdays, reports TMZ.com.

Jolie's t...
Posted by Jiji on Friday, January 29 @ 19:51:10 (12310 reads)
( View Comments | 2 ) | ( Read More )

Wanted 2?
Angelina Jolie news James McAvoy doesn't know what's happening with the Wanted sequel.

The Scottish actor, who starred in Wanted alongside Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, said he's "waiting" to see what film bosses come up with.

"I really don't know, I'm still waiting to see - I keep hearing it is happening, then it's not," he said at the London premiere of his new film, The Last Station.

He admitted he would like to reprise his role as assassin Wesley Gibson.

"I read a version of the script a while ago and I don't know what's happening now, so we'll wait and see. They want to make it and it made a lot of money so they'll be happy to make it, but it doesn't seem to be materialising just yet - I'm sure it will."

James ...
Posted by Jiji on Friday, January 29 @ 19:45:52 (11025 reads)
( View Comments | 2 ) | ( Read More )

Angelina Jolie news This video was recently posted on the youtube channel dedicated to Angelina's mother. It reads "Thanks Everyone for your kind words. The video is now on its way back to the private family archives from where it came."

Posted by Jiji on Thursday, January 28 @ 16:04:07 (8188 reads)
( View Comments | 3 )

Pitt, Jolie did meet with lawyer - to protect assets
Angelina Jolie news After days of speculation about a possible breakup between Mr. Pitt and his other half, Angelina Jolie, word is surfacing that the power couple did indeed visit a high-powered L.A. lawyer last week - but only to cover their assets.

"They aren't married, so they need to protect their children and property in case there's a rift in the future," a source says.

That certainly makes sense, considering the two are worth a whopping $330 million combined.

So why are rumors of a breakup running rampant?

"People hear 'legal papers' and assume it means a divorce," our snitch continues. "But it could mean exactly the opposite. Either way, they're making sure to get their ducks in a row, which they'll need whether th...
Posted by Jiji on Thursday, January 28 @ 15:57:29 (13152 reads)
( View Comments | 5 ) | ( Read More )

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